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Drone Photography for Jaguar Car Dealership

Aerial photography is a great way to showcase a larger commercial property, demonstrating the size of the plot and the facilities available. This was definitely the case with a local Jaguar dealership who wanted to show the size of their real estate and the amount of cars that they keep in stock as well as the size of their warehouse.  So [...]

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Old GlaxoSmithKline Crawley Site Development

Old GlaxoSmithKline site re-development We were hired by Digital Realty to provide aerial photography of the development site that used to owned by GlaxoSmithKline on the Manor Royal Industrial Estate in Crawley. Flying only a 1.5 miles from Gatwick Airport requires significant planning and risk assessment, as well as appropriate permissions from NATS air traffic control. We ensure that our drone fleet is highly specified, maintained [...]

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Ebbsfleet Garden City Development – BBC One Show

Ebbsfleet Garden City is an exciting new development that's currently taking shape in Kent.  We were delighted to be invited to work again with the BBC One Show to provide aerial footage of the development for an upcoming piece that they are producing to be aired in September. The vision for the new city is expansive incorporating both business and residential areas with improved [...]

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Drone Media Imaging and Solid Waste Landfill Sites

The potential of drones as a tool in the solid waste industry is still being realised but one of the most common uses is to conduct aerial surveys featuring both still images and videography.  The ability of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to access areas that would be difficult or impossible for foot traffic offers a massive advantage at a fraction of the cost of a traditional piloted aerial [...]

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Drone Environmental Thermal Imaging for Solid Waste Landfill Sites

The Solid Waste Landfilling (SWL) holds a high risk of fire emergencies and represents hazards to people and to the environment mainly due to sub-products, odours and volatile and non-volatile compounds from the immense heat caused by decaying solid matter. Using Drones fitted with new technology Thermal Imaging sensors to detect thermal emissions (looking for fire upfront and localised ignition points), chemical [...]

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Christmas Gift Certificate Options

Fantastic Christmas Present Option If you are struggling for a unique Christmas present for your Mum and Dad this year, how about an Aerial House Portrait? Our Gift Certificate vouchers are a set price and offer the recipient 5 Digital Images (including Roof Thermal Images) and a nice and simple 'Flyby' video film of the chosen property. Flights are usually 30 to 60 minutes in duration which is enough [...]

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The First Man Drone Filming

The First Man by Eugene O'Neill The first ever feature film / TV Drama of renowned American playwright EUGENE O'NEILL's - 'THE FIRST MAN'. Created by Hardeep Giani MORE INFORMATION FACEBOOK PAGE THE BACKGROUND  Eugene O’Neill is one of America’s greatest and most established playwrights. His play ‘Long Day's Journey into Night’ is universally regarded as the greatest American play of [...]

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Ashdown Park Drone and Bride

Short video aerial film of Ashdown Park, Wych Cross, East Grinstead featuring our bride Samantha... Beautiful house and grounds looking totally different from the air than it does on the ground... Give Hogwarts a run for their money. Aerial Drone coverage in video and photography is inlcuded free with weddings booked with VisualChaos Studios More Information

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THE FIRST MAN an Independent Feature Film

THE FIRST MAN An Independent Feature Film ‘by Eugene O’Neill’s – THE FIRST MAN’. Drone Media Imaging will be filming the Drone Aerial Cinematography for the film The story of The First Man is set in 1920s America, where an anthropologist Curt prepares to travel to Africa to search for the 'The First Man' of humankind. His relationship with his wife Martha is tested [...]

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