Business, not so as Usual! But Business nonetheless!

We believe it is important to provide a Coronavirus update on our business plans and preparations for our clients, as I’m sure all UK businesses are doing at this time.

Ironically, Drone (UAV) work is built on a platform of social separation as we are required to ensure our aerial activity is safely separated from all people, property, vehicles, and vessels not under our control by law.

This separation is 50m inflight and 30m for take-off and landing, and for some work, down to 5m. As a business we work from a home office complex, which is in the middle of an acre of ground in a village location, we remain in a very low-risk group both as a business and personally as individuals. We will always follow the Government advice, and as experienced risk assessment professionals take all the precautions you would expect to ensure that we do not come into contact with the Covid-19 virus and cause its further spread.

Therefore, Drone Media Imaging will operate as we always do. I guess, business not so much as usual, but a business nonetheless!

As drone work is much easier to complete when there are fewer people and traffic about, particularly in building inspection work, we encourage all our clients and future clients to consider this a great time for UAV aerial work, particularly if your business is looking at closing down HQs or moving more staff away from the premises to work from home. We are happy to operate without contact with people or premises there is no need for us to as effectively our business is self-isolating by default due to the nature of our work.

Please continue to support small businesses. Let’s work together to make it business as usual.


Steve Fisher
Managing Director


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