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Electronic Conspicuity & Why it Matters

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Electronic Conspicuity (EC) is one of the hot topics in the drone world right now.  Put simply, it's an umbrella term for technology that allows an aircraft's position to be communicated to aircraft [...]

Thermal Imagery – From the Military to Your Business

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New technologies seem to be developed at a borderline alarming pace but many of them remain out of reach of anyone but the governments and militaries of the world until popular applications are [...]

Vodafone Report on Cellular Connected Drones

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Vodafone UK have published the findings of a study they commissioned regarding the potential benefits to the UK of safe and secure drone use.  Working with WPI Economics, the report uses five case [...]

UK Police to Gain Additional Drone Seizure Powers

2020-02-19T13:06:04+00:00Categories: Uncategorized|Tags: , , , , , , |

The 27th January saw the second reading of a parliamentary bill which extends the police powers to land or even seize drones by using counter-drone technology. The Air Traffic Management and Unmanned Aircraft [...]

Drones and Decommissioning Nuclear Power Plants

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A detailed study undertaken by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has identified a role that UAVs can  play in reducing both employee risks and the time and cost involved in decommissioning a nuclear power [...]

Drones Deliveries Planned to be Trialled for Hospitals in the South East

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Drone deliveries are something of a contentious issue with the UK public.  A recent survey by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers entitled 'Public Perceptions: Drones', only 23% of those surveyed support drone deliveries, [...]