Aerial Wedding Pictures & Video

Drone coverage at a wedding can add a very unique and creative angle on the usual wedding pictures and wedding video. Shooting images from the air gives any wedding venue a unique perspective, interest and overview sense of scale.

We see wedding images captured from a Drone as an amazing addition to the usual wedding pictures and video, and we work with your photographer and/or videographer in providing them with the additional complementary imagery to add to the overall collection or final video.

With our sister company VisualChaos Studios, we provide Drone coverage FREE of charge as it is built-in directly to the wedding package. For full information of the wedding photography and videography offered by VisualChaos Studios please check the website

UAVs – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or Drones – can now be deployed quickly and efficiently at a wedding with a minimum of fuss and inconvenience. Drone Media Imaging is qualified and certified with the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) and trained in the completion of location surveys and risk assessments to ensure a safe and professional flight. We take care of everything that needs to be done to get airborne and take fantastic images.

Please note that Drone flights are covered by legislation prescribed by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), and Drone pilots are required to be trained, assessed and licensed. Flights are subject to weather conditions and require the permission of the land/venue owner to take-off and land. NOT all venues and weddings are suitable for drone photography and video filming, so please get in touch first.

Still images are great for showing off the wedding venue as well as the guests enjoying the outdoor surroundings. Heart shapes made from the guests is a great option as well as the Bride and Groom spending time walking on their own. Images can be simple or fine art and everything in between.

From low fly-by’s of the Bride and Groom enjoying the wedding venue grounds to high-level plan views of the venue’s architecture and surroundings, Drone video imagery offers a fantastic view and provides a different scene to be added to your primary wedding video.

We are approved to fly at night (subject to making a day time location survey) which offers an amazing view of a firework display or even thermal images of your friends, family and guests!

Ashdown Park Hotel Drone Wedding Photography

Wedding Pictures

Pictures don’t have to be from the sky, but may be a fly past to offer a different perspective

Wedding Pictures on Location

Using a Drone to capture different and imaginative images does not need to be confined to the wedding venue… How about some wedding images from the beach.

Wedding Art

Drones can be used not only at your wedding but even at a later date to capture amazing aerial perspectives and wedding arts in a “Trash or Cherish the Dress” session.