Drone Photo/Video/Thermal Quotation Form

If you would like a quotation/estimate for your image needs, please complete the form on this page so that we can fully consider what you would like us to do and so that we can provide you with either an accurate quotation or an estimate of the cost/price involved.

This form asks the right questions for an initial analysis of your needs. It provides the principal information we need to review the flight planning and risk details at the locations. Formal location surveys and assessments are £50 plus travel. All pricing is subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.

IMPORTANT! Please note:- the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) have strict legal rules governing the use of drones (UAVs) in UK airspace, and restrict drone flights to approved and certified drones and qualified operators working commercially. We hold unique and special CAA permissions to operate a variety of UAV aircraft in difficult urban congested areas where the majority can not operate legally. In addition to this, all drone flights are subject to landowner’s permission, the weather, and suitable local risk assessments.

Drone Rules and Permissions

CAA Enhanced Permissions – OSC (Operational Safety Case)

  • Reduced take-off and landing within 10m of Uninvolved People that are not under the control of the Pilot
  • Reduced Flights within 20m of Uninvolved People that are not under the control of the Pilot
  • Altitude limit 800 feet (243m) above the surface;

CAA Standard Permissions – OA (Operational Authority)

  • Altitude limit 400 feet above the surface;
  • Max flight distance 500m from the Pilot’s position;
  • Flight distance to 150m of any organised open-air assembly of more than 1000 people;
  • Flight, take-off and landing horizontal distance to 50m of Uninvolved People that is not under the control of the Pilot;

15m Mast Quotation

If a drone flight is problematic due to close proximity to others or restricted for other legal reason, then check out our 15m Mast for aerial photography, Video and Thermal Image collection

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