z30 High Powered Aerial Zoom

We have a range of equipment within our fleet from aircraft to masts and cameras in order that we can create the perfect tailored solution to meet our customers’ needs.

Without our camera kit bag, we are proud to feature the outstanding Zenmuse Z30.  It is fully integrated with our Matrice drones as you would expect but it is also ground-breaking in offering a 30x optical zoom plus 6 digital zoom – so a 180x zoom.  This allows us to offer unprecedented data capture from the required distance but with all the details preserved at high quality.

*180x magnification in total*

This is a camera designed with the high-end commercial drone pilot in mind with precision auto-focus and zoom controlled by a simple tap on the control screen. This means that clients on a secondary monitor can request a close inspection of all of the details that are important to them and this can be achieved both quickly and simply.

  • Property Inspections

  • Chimney Inspections

  • Drone or Mast Deployment

  • Firefighting

  • Search and rescue

  • Live broadcast news

  • Disaster zone assessment

  • Infrastructure inspection

  • Powerline surveys

  • Domestic Solar Panel Inspections

  • Commercial photovoltaic Solar Farms

  • Bridges and Infrastructure Inspection

The Z30 is as impressive as a video camera as it is for still photography with the full range of controls that you would expect including exposure compensation, metering modes and white balance to produce high quality video and images in all environments.  The integration with the Matrice gimbal system means that images are pin sharp, and video is smooth and stabilised in all flying conditions.

The real advantage of course is in t4he staggering level of detail being preserved even at the maximum zoom capability.  This means that it is a very powerful inspection and survey tool and you lose none of the ability to focus in on areas of interest for detailed inspection even when flying in close proximity to the subject is problematic.

Producing high quality, detailed images from an increased distance from the subject opens up a variety of industrial usages, and the option to complete previously difficult or dangerous inspections where human access could prove to be a safety issue.  One example might be wind turbine inspections where, equipped with the Z30, a UAV can remain a safe distance from the rotating blades but still provide detailed views of structures even down to the level of wiring.  Speed and operational efficiency are increased at the same time that the risk of collision is mitigated.  DJI have designed this camera to meet the needs of the growing requirement for drones in industry and it does so very powerfully indeed.

Images and video by DJI.com

An example of the power of the z30 Zoom capabilities

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There are many uses for high powered zoom cameras in inspections and survey projects. Get in touch and discuss your needs today. We can mount this equipment on our drone fleet as well as our 15m (50ft) telescopic mast