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Thermal Infrared Imaging, Roof Inspections, Photogrammetry Surveying, TV Filming,
Aerial Photography, Wedding Video, Cinematography, 3D Modelling.

A Nationwide network of Commercial Approved Drone Pilots for Hire throughout the UK.
Offering major accounts and commercial account management with competitive pricing, and quick deployment.


CAA Certified with Enhanced OSC permissions under CAA No. 2565 and fully insured to £10m+ compliant with EC 785/2004

Based in Sussex in the South East, and providing Drone Aerial Services Operations nationwide throughout the UK and Ireland

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Thermal Imaging and Infrared Technology

We cover the whole of the UK with fully qualified level 1 and level 2 thermographers who can deploy quickly for both aerial by drone and ground-based thermal imaging surveys. We can be hired for a single domestic solar panel or roof inspection, to commercial solar farm annual and biannual nationwide contracts.

Drone Media Imaging are qualified thermographers and can provide thermography services in accordance with IEC 62446-3:2017 and BS EN ISO 62446-1:2016, whether they are from the air or on the ground. We are able to provide you with thermography level 2 signed reporting if required, that are legally accepted for insurance and survey purposes

Thermal Imaging cameras, use small thermometers at each pixel of resolution to capture the radiation reflected from a surface or ‘heat’ and convert the recorded temperatures in an image map so that analysis can be carried out. This unique view of the world can offer many valuable and cost-effective solutions to both commercial business and domestic house owners.

Thermal Category 2 Certification

Thermographer Category 2 Certified

Being qualified to Category 2 in Drone Thermography puts us in a very small unique group of technical experts in the UK, added with our OSC enhanced CAA permissions, we are very capable of undertaking any thermal imaging mission.

  • Domestic PV Solar Panel Inspection

  • Solar Farm Thermal Inspection

  • Commercial Roof PV Thermal Inspection

  • Roof Water Ingress Inspection

  • Thermal Insulation Efficiency Inspection

  • Flat Roof Water Damage

  • Wall Insulation Failures

  • Thermal Bridging Failures

  • Electrical Overloads

Solar PAnels in a Solar Farm
Roof Thermal Imaging Inspections
Solar PV Panel Fault Detection using thermography

Domestic Solar Panel Inspection

Domestic solar panels are now a familiar sight on the rooftops of the UK, but many people fail to carry out the necessary maintenance to make sure that they are getting the most from their investment. Faults in your panel, either caused during the installation process or occurring over time, can not only mean that your panel’s productivity falls, but it could also cause a fire risk.

Thermal Category 2 Certification

Infrared Thermal Imaging

This is why many installation companies recommend a biennial inspection to ensure safety as well as optimal performance.

Solar panel inspections are quick and simple whether surveyed by drone or from a commercial photo mast, the only main criteria are that the inspection is conducted when the panels are under load from a sunny day, and there is no wind or rain/moisture affecting the surface of the panels. To this end, inspections are usually completed in the summer months around midday or as close to it as possible.

Drone solar panel inspection

Domestic solar panel inspections

Commercial Solar Farm Inspections and Surveys

Drone Roof Inspections

Our Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or “Drones” and high definition cameras can gain access safely to areas that are either dangerous or inaccessible to humans without the expense and time to deploy industrial lifting equipment or scaffolding.

We can work in conjunction with your personnel/specialist or can simply provide you with end-user image data in photographic, video, or thermal infrared formats.

Drone deployment can be quick and simple and a lot less costly than other more traditional methods for high-rise access. In the case of property and building access, our drones are not just limited to two or three-story heights like some cherry pickers but can access heights to 400ft from take-off ground level, and even higher due to our special and unique permissions we hold with the CAA.

Using our professional drone services we offer our clients a cost-effective solution for repeat and systematic maintenance delivery, due to the low-cost nature of getting airborne and capturing images efficiently and quickly, as well as significantly reducing the risk and exposure to the dangers of “working at height”.

National Drone Roof Inspections Throughout the UK

When it comes to roof inspection, domestic or commercial, if you are involved in the construction, solar panel, or property management industries, the chances are that you have already looked at the potential of Drone UAVs to be helpful in your business. If you have a national requirement or a council housing responsibility then Drone Media Imaging has the national coverage to provide you with fixed pricing and quick deployment.

n.b. As specialist aerial photographers, our business is to collect the image data, we do not analysis the image data captured as this is a specialist area.

Commercial flat roof Inspection by Drone

Domestic Roof Ridge Inspection by Drone

Drone Photogrammetry GNSS Mapping & Surveying

Photogrammetry is a sophisticated technique for extracting information from pictures to build precise three-dimensional maps or models. This approach blends ultra-high-resolution aerial photos with sophisticated GIS mapping tools to generate dynamic, quantifiable data for various real-world scenarios and purposes. We are capable of creating 1cm survey grade precision GCPs for accurate image mapping and overlay in GIS projects

Wedding Drone Photography & Video

With decades of experience in shooting weddings, in the traditional sense, has put us in great shape to include drone photography and videography with your professional wedding photographer’s usual photo package. Although drone wedding coverage is included for FREE with our own traditional wedding photography coverage, we are still available at your wedding or event as a standalone operator in association with your wedding photographer or videographer.

You can view our wedding coverage options on our sister website

Ashdown Park Hotel Drone Wedding Photography

Drone Photography at Wedding Sussex Surrey and Kent

Professional Wedding Photography

3D Modelling

Drone Media Imaging uses the latest technology on our fleet of UAV drone platforms to capture image data to create professional 3D and 2D models and image maps, the service is quick and simple and can be delivered in 7 to 10 days. More Information on 3D and 2D Property and Land Modelling

3D modelling of property and assets

3D Modelling by Drone

Precision Agriculture

Precision Agriculture survey and inspections using photo, video, and now thermal imagery to collect data for precision farming techniques in crops and livestock holdings are now very credible using drones with NDVI and VARI as well as Thermal Infrared technology.

Professional Commercial Drone Services

CAA certification Operational Authorisation (OA) No.2565 | Operating Safety Case No.2565OSC | GVC & A2 CofC Qualified

Drone Media Imaging is a specialist UAV drone service provider, operating from the South East of the UK, but ready and able to deploy across the UK and Ireland.

We are licensed and certified with a CAA Operational Authorisation (OA) for sub 25kg category DAY and NIGHT flights.

With a background and reputation built over many decades in professional commercial photography, we re-trained and re-invested in our business back in 2015 so that we can now provide competitive aerial drone services across many industry sectors. We are also qualified and certified to provide thermal imaging data, not just in the air but also on the ground to cover solar panel inspections, flat roof, and structural water ingress/damage, and building insulation and thermal bridging analysis.

Drone Media Imaging’s pilots are CPL-uS qualified and liability insured. We adhere strictly to guidelines, procedures, planning practices, and risk assessment necessary to ensure the safety of staff, properties, and the general public, as well as to comply with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) legislation, rules and regulations.

Aerial drone photography, video and thermal imaging are not as expensive as you might think and we won’t be beaten on price for comparable service and experience!

We offer simple understandable pricing structures or can quote you specifically for your individual project requirements if you need something we have not covered. Just complete our online enquiry form which provides us with the information we need to offer you an accurate quotation.

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Enhanced Operating Permissions Granted by the CAA

Drone Media Imaging has been granted enhanced drone operating permissions from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) known as an ‘Operating Safty Case‘ or OSC, which puts us in an exclusive and advanced group of drone operators.

Only 5% of drone operators currently have such permissions in the UK. Our enhanced permissions allow us to take-off, land, and fly closer to People, Properties, Vehicles and Vessels (‘PPVV’) not under our control, as well as fly above 400ft to 800ft and much further away from the pilot to 1km. Standard permissions now called, Operational Authorisation PDRS01 (previously known as Permission for Commercial Operations PfCO) that the CAA grant normal drone operators are much more restrictive.

Drone Operators with CAA OSC Permissions
LEarn More About OSC Permissions

Operating under an OSC for your project is just as straight forward as for any other drone flight mission. The key difference is in the onsite procedures we deploy, safety planning implemented and research completed beforehand. The cost can vary considerably when there is a need to operate under an OSC and is very dependent upon the work required. So the first thing to do is to start a conversation with us about the project, survey/inspection, filming or photography you need to be completed and we can advise you if an OSC is needed in the first place, or whether the work can be completed under standard permissions.

Drone Filming and TV Projects We’ve Completed For Our Clients

Take a further look at some of our Projects

Portfolio and Gallery
Portfolio and Gallery

“Providing Professional Certified and Legal Aerial UAV/Drone Photography, Video,
3D Modelling & Thermal Imaging throughout the UK and Ireland”

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We are based in Sussex, and cover Kent, Surrey, Hampshire, Hants, East Sussex and West Sussex, London and throughout the South East as well as the rest of the UK and Ireland via our national network of professional commercial drone pilots.

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