Today’s property market is an incredibly competitive environment and sellers are always looking for ways to present their property in such a way that it stands out from the rest. If you have a property set in fantastic gardens and surroundings. Aerial photography and videography shot by a drone can be the perfect way to do this.

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Aerial House Portrait

Aerial Photography provision was once only serviced by expensive helicopters and special masts or cranes, but now due to the introduction of innovative technology in small unmanned aerial systems (SUAS) or “Drones” the sky is a much cheaper and simpler environment to access and shot from.

Utilising our advanced fleet or drones to capture stunning high definition shots, we can provide image capture for any project or business requirement, creating a new and exciting aerial angle and perspective to your image requirements. Using highly advanced gimbal technology, photos are stabilised and captured at exceptionally sharp high quality.

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We operate a fleet of high tech DRONES from DJI, the world’s biggest and most advanced supplier and innovator.

In the sub 7kg category we use the DJI Inspire 1 Pro rigged with the Zanmuse X5 16mp high spec camera and 17mm lens. The smaller mass allows for increased activity and fast deployment in controlled airspace, getting closer to the subject with various failsafe built in. We have a two operator version with FPV capability if camera work requires a two person deployment.

In the ‘heavy-left’ sub 20kg category we operate the DJI Matrice M600, probably one of the most advanced and safe big rig Octocopters on the market. Utilising multiple failsafe options and redundancies built into the design the Matrice M600 will lift camera payloads up to 6kg such as a ‘RED Epic’. The Matrice will also provide approximately 35 minutes of flight time.

We are also one of the few operators to have NIGHT time flight permissions from the get go!

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Based in West Sussex in the South East, we are able to deploy quickly across the whole of the South of the UK, but are more than ready to travel anywhere in the UK however remote.

Using 4×4 transport we are able to traverse and access off-road difficult terrain as well as urban industrial areas.

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Drone House Portrait

Flights are planned prior to executions and risk assessments compiled. Everything is taken care of so that the flight will take place without any problems.

Usually, it will only take 30-60 minutes to capture all the images needed – assuming the weather is on our side! Once the flight is complete and the images captured, they are then put through post-production and distributed to the client via Internet Download for faster service.

As well as Aerial Photography, we are able to offer Aerial Thermal Imaging using our 640 × 512 30Hz Radiometric Thermal Imaging Sensor. This requires no further special planning and can be deployed during the same flight plan as for aerial photos.

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