Drone Media Imaging has obtained an Operating Safety Case (OSC) from the CAA for enhanced operating permissions

Drone Media Imaging has obtained enhanced ‘non-standard’ permissions known as an OSC – Operating Safety Case – from the CAA for many areas of our operation.

This puts our company in a very exclusive group of just 5% of 8000+ Drone Operators in the UK who hold standard CAA permissions for distances, altitudes, and extended line of sight. By investing in our business, we are better placed to meet your project needs by getting closer to the subject or by flying higher and longer than other drone operators.

UAS-OSC vs Standard CAA Drone Flight Permissions (OA)

Takeoff, Landings
from Uninvolved People

Our CAA Enhanced OSC Permissions – 10m
Standard CAA Permission – 30m

Flight Distances
from Uninvolved People

Our CAA Enhanced OSC Permissions – 20m
Standard CAA Permission – 50m

Flight Altitude
above the Ground

Our CAA Enhanced OSC Permissions – 800ft
Standard CAA Permission – 400ft

CAA-LogoThe CAA state…

“The aim of the OSC is to present sufficient evidence that all relevant hazards and resultant safety risks have been identified within an operation and that these safety risks have been reduced to a Tolerable and As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) level”

This means we have thoroughly reviewed and implemented significant safety mitigations, operational procedures and flight protocols to ensure that when we operate much closer to people, properties, vehicles and vessels, we do so in a safe professional manner.

Enhanced CAA Permissions

Extended Visual Line of Sight, Extended Flight Altitudes and Reduced Distances to Uninvolved People, Vehicles, Properties, and Vessels

Pilots with standard permissions (OA) are permitted to take off and land no nearer than 30m from any person, property, vehicle, or vessel not under their control. When the drone is in flight, the separation distance horizontally increases to 50m. This means that drone flights can be a complicated solution in some built-up urban areas, necessitating extra staff for the pilot, potential road closures, and widespread communication with surrounding people and properties.

However, Drone Media Imaging’s track record over years of safe operations using enhanced safety procedures mean that we can now operate safely at significantly reduced distances and with full permissions from the CAA. We have been working with CAA personnel over a period of months to refine and enhance our procedures to make it possible to receive our Operating Safety Case (OSC). We now have permission to take off and land from 10m and fly at a separation of 20m and even 5m under certain circumstances.  This means that we are ideally placed to be able to carry out your drone work requirements where other drone operators cannot.

In addition to closer take off and flight distances, we also have enhanced permissions to fly to 800ft in altitude (standard 400ft) and 1km from the drone pilot (standard 500m).

Drone Media Imaging OSC Reduced Distances
Drone Media Imaging OSC Reduced Distance
Drone Media Imaging OSC Reduced Distance
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