Client Account Management

National Client Accounts and Administration

We look after your major account management needs through utilising our uniquely designed account administration portal.

We take care of the drone operator selection, experience, code of conduct and service level arrangements on your behalf, along with the operator invoicing and administration.  This can help you streamline your business operations as you have only one payment process to administer no matter how many job requirements you have.

Using our account management service means that you are free from concerns about agreed contract terms being met. We assume the responsibility for ensuring that the service agreement is delivered as agreed and that our operators adhere to the requirements, scope of services and code of conduct. 

We also take care of the regulatory requirements and carry out all risk assessments and planning processes to ensure that the work meets the relevant legislation standards.  You simply raise the job request and get the results delivered directly to your desktop. 

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Industry Sectors

There are so many industry sectors that could benefit from a centralised approach to meeting their aerial photography, videography and thermal imaging requirements.  Property management companies requiring regular imagery of their assets, construction or demolition firms who need a consistent approach to record and monitoring their projects, estate agents requiring high-quality marketing materials they can rely on, the list goes on…

Government Departments

Government departments and local councils managing projects and assets across the UK are ideally placed to leverage the power of a national drone remote camera system network of qualified professionals under one simplified service agreement and centralised point of contact.  From local councils looking for inspections to assist them in maintaining their property portfolio to the agencies managing a huge, wide ranging project such as HS2, and everything in between – there is a great deal of benefits of working with a Client Account manager for all of their imaging needs.

Infrastructure Projects

Infrastructure items such as water and river networks, power lines, wind turbines and solar farms can all receive benefits in terms of operational efficiency and cost savings of using drone remote camera systems to carry out some of their essential inspection work. Combine this with a defined services agreement and a guarantee that operators will adhere to a set of service level agreed procedures defined to give consistent results across a geographically diverse network and these benefits are amplified even further.

Drone Specialist and Services

Within our operator network, we are lucky enough to boast industry experts in many fields.  From businesses that bring a world of experience in a specific industry sector, to qualified thermographers at all levels, there will be a set of specialists in our group that are able to meet your specific needs.  Having experts spread nationally as well as internationally means that you can benefit from having a local service provider able to respond quickly to meet your requirements.

Outsourced Services

If your organisation has already identified the ways in which you could benefit from having a drone fleet of operators to accomplish your business goals, then you will likely also have identified the attendant costs of training and maintaining the operators and the equipment that you require.  Our Client Account Management service allows you to outsource these requirements to a network of qualified and legal, expert drone professionals to gain the benefits of their services without the burden of assuming their ongoing costs.