Pilot & Camera Operator for Hire

If you have a project or job that requires more than one pilot or camera operator, I am happy to work for you under a freelance or sub-contracted arrangement, working with your OA/PfCO Operations Manual and under your company brand.

Many big rig jobs require two operators, a pilot and a camera operator. As a long time camera professional, I can capture the images you need, leaving you free to pilot your aircraft. Alternatively, I can pilot the aircraft and you operate the camera rig.

I hold an OSC for enhanced permissions and an Operational Authority (OA) from the CAA certified to 25kg rigs and for flying at night. I use DJI Matrice M210 with Zenmuse X5s, Z30 or XTr. For heavy lift and longer flight times, I use the DJI Matrice M600 Pro which can also be rigged with your own payload using the DJI Ronin MX. I also use an Inspire 1 Pro with X5R as bck up UAV.

Rates are daily and project/job-specific, so get in touch for a quote.

Heavy lift drone for tv and filming
Category level 2 Grain Store Fire Survey

Certified CPL-uS
CAA No.: 2565

Officially qualified, certified and approved to fly drones <25kg categories, for both day and night flights.

DJI M210 Aerial Drone for Inspections
Mavic 3 Pro
Flir T530 Camera