Property inspections by drone
Property chimney inspections by drone

Drone Roof Inspection

Whether you’re inspecting a new roof following or during development or investigating water ingress or heat loss through to an insurance claim, it’s important to capture accurate image data efficiently and in a timely manner. We are happy to work alone or with your roofing specialist/company and can provide video feeds to ground personnel in real-time for directions as required.

Drones offer many unique advantages for high-rise access. In the hands of qualified and approved professional operators such as Drone Media Imaging, access is safer, controlled, and efficient. Roof spaces are not walked on or touched and therefore not damaged further or unsafe to personnel.

We can offer regular maintenance visits at set schedules so that clients can plan and target maintenance resources more successfully, targeting problems areas more efficiently. We can be deployed quickly after storms and bad weather to detect lost tiles or damage to flat roofing so that work can be scheduled before the storm effects are realised in doors.

Thermal Imaging Roof Top Inspections Sussex Surrey Kent

Thermal Property Inspection

Inspecting a building or roof with a thermal camera-equipped drone only takes minutes and can be done on your schedule to suit. There is no need to use difficult and costly lifting gear or specialist ladders to access roof spaces with handheld thermal cameras. Drone Media Imaging uses industry-leading Radiometric Thermal Cameras from the specialists FLIR and DJI. Using both photographic images and thermal images together, you can combine two vitally important sources of data to determine roofing and building structures issues

Residential and commercial clients are looking for better information on the condition of buildings before they invest or purchase, and using a thermal camera-equipped drone is the perfect specialist tool for identifying poor insulation, moisture issues, or water ingress as well as general roofing problems.

Drone Media Imaging can work alone and provide the digital imagery for use by your thermographer or structural specialist as well as working onsite with your personnel using real-time digital feeds relayed to a monitor.

Photogrammetry and Precision Land Mapping

Drone Media Imaging can survey land and development sites by collecting aerial image data at centimetre level accuracy for use in improving your planning, quality control, management of assets, and changes over time analysis, at significantly reduced risk and cost. Orthomosaic mapping techniques using accurate latitudes and longitude GNSS data from survey-grade GCP values will align your image data and stitched orthomosaic map to known locations in such viewers as Google Earth / Maps.

Satellite images are usually several years out of date and will only offer a certain level of detail, usually greater than 50cm GSD. With the deployment of drone technology to survey large land and property spaces, flying a grid at a detailed low altitude level, we are able to stitch together smaller detailed images that can be presented in 2D or 3D formats with GSD of 2.0 to 1.5cm or less.

Accurate surveys can generate contour maps and facilitate detailed measurement and volume data for use in quantifying materials for large scale developments.

Solar Farm Thermal Imaging Sussex Surrey Kent

Solar Farm and PV Panel Inspection

We offer Thermal Imagery that clearly shows temperature anomalies on a crisp thermal image, using state of the art DJI Zenmuse XTr stabilised cameras at radiometric level. These images can be used to scan installed solar panels during normal operation across large areas within a short time frame. This allows problem panels or cells to be isolated quickly, ready for maintenance or repair, keeping energy production running at all times.

Conducting wind turbine inspections via drones is a significant improvement over existing methods. A UAV drone is able to fly precisely and accurately in close proximity to the turbine, taking away the need to put people at risk. Advanced flight technologies ensure that a sudden gust of wind or pilot error will not result in a collision, while high definition stabilised cameras get the details required.



Due to airspace restrictions, risk assessments and equipment or personnel requirements, all drone flights are different. To get a specific quotation for your requirements at your location, please complete the simple enquiry form using the button opposite.


When a Drone is not the right tool for the job

Drones are not always permitted in certain situations. Sometimes the appropriate permissions from neighbours are not forthcoming, or the property is in restricted airspace, perhaps by an airport. Even the weather may not play ball. In such cases Drone Media Imaging will use a professional industry grade telescopic mast which will utilise the same camera payloads as our fleet of drones will carry, to a height of 15m (50ft) which is around 3 stories (pitched roof) or 4 stories (flat roof).

The use of a photographic mast is not restricted by the same legislation that a Drone is, such as distances of 30m to people, property, vessels or vehicles that are not under the control of the Drone Pilot when taking-off and 50m when executing a flight plan.

15m Aerial Photography Mast for Roof Inspections
50ft Photographic Mast Photography

The right tools for the right solution, both on the ground and in the air via drones

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