Old GlaxoSmithKline site re-development

We were hired by Digital Realty to provide aerial photography of the development site that used to owned by GlaxoSmithKline on the Manor Royal Industrial Estate in Crawley. Flying only a 1.5 miles from Gatwick Airport requires significant planning and risk assessment, as well as appropriate permissions from NATS air traffic control. We ensure that our drone fleet is highly specified, maintained and flown only by qualified and experienced drone pilots.

If you have commercial assets near an international airport such as Gatwick and require aerial photography, video or thermal imaging make sure you hire CAA  certified experienced drone pilots.

The location lies in the heart of the Manor Royal where the old GlaxSmithKline drugs company used to be. Now the 30 acre site it is owned by Digital Realty Trust, Inc and is being re-developed into state of the art technology data centres to services such clients as Microsoft, Apple and Google.

” Digital Realty owns, acquires, develops and manages technology-related real estate. The company is focused on providing data center, colocation and interconnection solutions for domestic and international tenants across a variety of industry verticals ranging from financial services, cloud and information technology services, to manufacturing, energy, healthcare, and consumer products”. – Digital Realty – www.digitalrealty.com/

The multi-national drugs company opened in 1953, but now closed its Crawley factory last summer (2007) with the loss of hundreds of jobs. The company, which is the world’s second largest drug maker, blamed the closure on “declining volumes, regulatory delays and patent expires”. A spokesman said production at the site would continue until the products had been moved to alternative facilities. – BBC News