Qualifications and Accreditations


Civil Aviation Authority Enhanced Permissions – OSC

We are approved and certified with enhanced permissions (OSC) by the CAA approved number 2565OSC.

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Civil Aviation Authority Operational Authorisation – OA

We are certified by the CAA with flight permissions – PDRA01 – under the OA number 2565.


Civil Aviation Authority General Visual Line of Sight – GVC

We are accredited by the CAA with the General VLOS Accreditation.


Civil Aviation Authority A2 Certificate of Competency – A2 CofC

We are accredited by the CAA with the A2 Certification of Competency.

Thermography – Category 2 & 1

We are approved and certified by the iRed Academy as category 1 and 2 thermographers. We are also able to provide category 2 level thermographic reports for third party thermography level 1 operators.

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Professional Photography Accreditation

We have been qualified with the British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP) since 2003 at Licentiateship level

GVC Theory Certification with UAVHUB

We completed our GVC theory certification with UAVHUB.

Ground School and Flight Assessments with Heliguy

We completed our ground school certification and flight assessment for both sub 7 kg and heavy-left sub 20kg drones with Heliguy. We were one of the very first to obtain nighttime permissions for both categories from our initial submission to the CAA.

Spectacle Film School

We completed our film training with Spectacle, which focused on documentary and interview style film making.

Working at Height Awareness Certification

Compliance with the Work at Height Regulations 2005