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Drones have made aerial mapping a really affordable possibility for many people.  Where a high-cost helicopter flight was required, the same results can be achieved using a drone at a fraction of the cost.

3D modelling takes this to the next level providing a truly 3d environment, including realistically rendered elevations, which the user can explore from the comfort of their phone or desktop.

Creating a model of your property or site couldn’t be simpler from a client’s point of view.  We use one of our state of the art drones and cameras and fly multiple paths across the site to capture images in both plan and elevation view.   The 3D model is then created and hosted via our specialist provider with access being provided so that you can embed the model into your website, online portfolio or link to potential clients.

3D modelling creates an easily accessible online interactive experience to engage with your potential clients.

Ravenswood Rear View Hotel 3D Modelling Sussex Surrey Kent The uses for 3d modelling are really limited only by your imagination but it is a particularly powerful tool for a number of user groups.

For example, wedding and event venues can use this interactive way of presenting their property and grounds to potential clients. The model allows them to explore and begin to picture how their event would work in detail at the venue and even reveal details of the venue that might go completely unnoticed where only ground-level photos are available.  This early engagement with a venue means that you are more likely to make the shortlist for an in person visit.  In addition to this, by the time they visit, they have already begun to picture how their wedding, party or corporate event would work within your venue.

Another really powerful use of this type of modelling is in the real estate or holiday rental market.  If you are selling or renting your home, it’s vital that you stand out from the crowd when potential buyers are browsing and a 3D model of your home and grounds provide a really powerful way to engage with those buyers.  They have the opportunity to explore your property in a way that ground-level photos do not allow them to, seeing how your home fits within its surroundings and showcasing its best qualities.

Architects, builders and landscape gardeners can also make use of the ease and simplicity of the 3D model to present portfolio work to potential clients, allowing them to fully explore your work and appreciate the details and quality of what you have created.

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The price includes all the flight grids required to create the finished 3D model as well as a 2D plan view map and video sweeps


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3D models allow your potential clients to engage with your property and grounds from the comfort of their own desktop.  A powerful sales or marketing tool for any business.

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