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Drone Thermal Imaging Inspections

Here at Drone Media Imaging, we are proud to have a state of the art thermal camera as part of our equipment.  It allows us to provide our clients with exceptional [...]

Drones & Solar Panels

More and more houses are taking advantage of solar panel technology to help reduce their energy bills. However, these panels do require inspection and maintenance in order to keep them working at maximum efficiency [...]

Thermal Roof Inspections in Sussex with Drone Media Imaging

Rooftops are one of the areas of a property that receive the most stress from the elements but also they are one of the hardest areas to inspect. They aren't typically designed to be walked [...]

Drone Media Imaging and Solid Waste Landfill Sites

The potential of drones as a tool in the solid waste industry is still being realised but one of the most common uses is to conduct aerial surveys featuring both still images and videography. [...]

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Aerial Thermal Image Applications

For many requirements, thermal imaging from the sky is far more preferable than from the ground. Aerial infrared thermography applications can be divided into two categories. Those where a straight-down view and/or large area [...]

House Aerial Photography

House Portraits and Property Portfolios, for fun, the wall or to help sell your property. Aerial Property Photography, Video and Thermal Imaging offers and brand new angle on the traditional [...]