More and more houses are taking advantage of solar panel technology to help reduce their energy bills. However, these panels do require inspection and maintenance in order to keep them working at maximum efficiency and also to ensure that they are operating safely.

In fact, most insurance policies will not cover damage caused by a solar panel fire if you cannot show that regular inspections and maintenance have been carried out.

Of course the panel’s natural position on your roof can mean that inspection is both costly and can risk damage to your roof structure and tiles whilst access is gained. For this reason, it’s tempting to skip inspections and take the risk that at best your panels are offering you less than the maximum benefit.

Fortunately drones equipped with thermal cameras offer a fast and cost effective way to carry out inspections. Any faults spotted can then be passed to a maintenance team who can carry out targeted repairs where required.  Inspection reports can also be provided to satisfy insurance conditions.

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