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Roof Inspection via Mast not Drone

Roof inspection by Mast not Drone - Same Result! Not all roofs are best inspected by drones, sometimes it is easier and cheaper to use a mast, with none of the legal implications! Our 15m (50ft) mast is capable of accessing roofs up to three stories for pitched roofs and 4 stories for flat roofs. We can deploy a mast without requiring airspace [...]

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Thermal Imaging & Flat Roof – Case Study

DMI were called to a home that had historically had problems with a particular part of their flat roof.  Over time, it had leaked water into the interior of their house and that had led them to having it replaced. Unfortunately, the initial repair had been below par and so had been redone.  Although this was some time ago, and there were no signs of [...]

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Drones & Insurance Inspections

If you've had damage to your property in the past that has required an insurance claim then you will no doubt be painfully aware of the waiting that is entailed while your claim is being processed through to a point when you can seek a resolution to the problems that you're experiencing. That's not because the insurance companies are trying to avoid paying claims but [...]

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Drones & Roof Inspections

When you normally think about having a roof inspection, you likely think of ladders at least and scaffolding at worst.  A human being has to climb on up to the roof with all of the health and safety considerations that this incurs, not to mention the potential for damage to the roof itself during the inspection process. Drones carrying both standard and thermal cameras offer you [...]

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Thermal Roof Inspection Imaging

With the winter here and the central heating now kicking into full swing, it is an excellent time to get a thermal image of your roof to see where your loft insulation isn't efficient. Great for that difficult gift solution for that special someone in your life - Dad, Brother, Husband? Our gift Vouchers make an excellent choice. Infrared Flat Roof Moisture Surveys Thermal [...]

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House Aerial Photography

House Portraits and Property Portfolios, for fun, the wall or to help sell your property. Aerial Property Photography, Video and Thermal Imaging offers and brand new angle on the traditional property images. We offer a set property portrait fee, which is reduced if you can get your neighbours involved too! For Estate agents we also offer ground/internal photography and video walk through for a simple [...]

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