The Use of Thermography in Fire Detection
and Fire Management

Using Thermography in Fire Management
Using Thermography in Fire Detection

DJI XT2 Radiometric 640 30hz

Thermal imaging from the air has never been easier than with a drone and the DJI Zenmuse XT radiometric. By combining DJI’s unmatched expertise in gimbal technology and image transmission with FLIR’s market-leading thermal imaging technology, the Zenmuse XT radiometric is the ultimate solution for rapid and reliable aerial thermal imaging. Capturing thermal data quickly and precisely across broad areas, and recording for study and thermographic reporting.

DJI XT2 Radiometric Thermal Camera

The Integrated Infrared Camera’s High Thermal and Spatial Resolutions Ensure Success

Due to their high spatial resolution, or a sufficient number of pixels, the use of high-performance infrared cameras for early fire detection systems enables detection of even the tiniest pocket of embers. If the number of pixels is inadequate for the region to be monitored, more infrared cameras can be easily integrated into the system DJI Zenmuse XT radiometric. The sphere of operation of the fire detection system can be further increased while maintaining a constant spatial resolution by putting the infrared camera on a remote-controlled pan-tilt head gimbal.

Apart from meeting the highest spatial resolution requirements, the infrared camera system also optimises the thermal resolution, this combination enables early detection of minute temperature changes or hidden pockets of high temperature sources.

Observation and Investigation: Benefits of Thermography in Industry

  • Constant observation and process control of construction sites, manufacturing operations, and warehouses

  • Maintenance savings resulting from the low-maintenance nature of infrared measurement and monitoring operations

  • Staffing cutbacks and manual controls

  • Constant operation is possible as a result of specially designed industrial instrumentation.

  • Use in even the most adverse industrial conditions

  • Alarm and process data transmission to higher-level control systems

  • Enhanced production and improved plant security

  • Preventing fires, interruptions, and shutdowns

Using Thermography in Fire Detection and Fire Management

Fire Management Services: Grain Store Explosion-Port of Tilbury London

Thermography solutions can be used to monitor fire in buildings as well as open spaces, for example, the detection of fire behaviour.

Drone Media Image were commissioned to work with the Port of Tilbury London and emergency services following a grain store explosion in July 2020. Certified as level 2 thermographers and specialising in aerial thermal imaging specifically, we provided the Port of Tilbury London and the attending emergency services with hourly, daily, and weekly calibrated temperature assessments that demonstrated the evolution of the grain store fire over a 13-month period.

Comprehensive reports, thermal imaging, RGB photography and video imagery were used to present the data to successfully manage the disaster until the successful demolition of the building in late August 2021.

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Working in Thermography with Drone Media Imaging
Working in Aerial Thermography
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Drone Media Imaging working at the Port of Tilbury London