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What you Need to Know about Drones and Flying Distances

When hiring a drone operator, what do you need to know about the CAA regulated flying distances This  post is designed to explain some of the basic principles about hiring [...]

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Drones and Low Flying Aircraft – Working Together

As well as running my own business, I also spend time working with Drone Safe Register - a national group that guarantees all of it's registered pilots are qualified and [...]

Drones – What’s the Law about where they Fly?

When you get in touch with us or any other professional drone pilot, we always have lots of questions about exactly where you flight is going to be taking place.  This isn't because we [...]

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2018 Show Reel covering much of our activity throughout the year

Some clips from 2018

Hiring a Drone Operator – the Paperwork you Need to See

If you've been researching hiring a drone operator for whatever reason, I'm sure you will have seen that there is a lot of discussion online about working with a legal operator.  If you're not [...]

Drone Safe Register Secures Dragon Peter Jones Investment

As members of the Drone Safe Register were are extremely excited to hear that Peter Jones from Dragon's Den has taken a 40% investment in DSR. There is no [...]