The build up of gases such as methane in landfill sites is a common problem for councils & landowners, particular if the land is identified for development.

Drilling bore holes to relieve the gas build up, along with ‘flash burning’ the methane is a significant undertaking, so the identification of the heat spots and potential underground fires is critical.

The use of drones to complete the survey and land inspection using thermal imaging payloads is a new technological development and accessible to all through Drone Media Imaging. Using the latest in drone thermal imaging camera sensors such as the Zenmuse XTr radiometric, we are ready to deploy anywhere in the UK to carry out ground inspections, like the one recently completed at the Festival Gardens in Liverpool.

Below is some of the resulting imagery.

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Nationwide Commercial Property Portfolio Image Management

June 15th, 2019|Comments Off on Nationwide Commercial Property Portfolio Image Management

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