Drone Services for the Insurance Industry

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Insurance companies can be one of the groups that can really benefit from embracing drone technology to streamline their business processes.  Of course UAVs are still relative newcomers to the UK and so much of their potential remains untapped but it seems such a natural fit between the drone pilot network and insurance loss adjusters, we are surprised that more are yet to take advance of the technology.

Insurance Assessment with Traditional Methods

Let’s take an example of a storm, all too common in the UK with its unpredictable weather, a roof is damaged and an insurance claim is made.  Traditionally an insurance company representative would be dispatched with a ladder, a digital camera, a tape measure and other attendant safety gear to make an assessment of the damage before the claim can be processed.  There are all sorts of costs associated with this approach plus some serious safety risks to be considered.

In some cases, inspections many not even be possible because of the position of the damage or the precariousness of the structure and so a third party may be required with an inspection platform or scaffolding – more cost and more time. Add to this, the fact that the storm has probably caused damage to more than one property in the area, and a backlog can quickly develop.

All the while, as well as the upset this is causing to the home or business owner, additional costs could be mounting for business interruption, water damage and alternative accommodation.

Insurance Assessment with Drone Media Imaging

So let’s look at an alternative.  A simple Drone Media Imaging flight or two is all it would take to obtain detailed photography and video of the damage.  Our ground based pilot can complete the flight with no equipment required for working at height, there’s no risk of causing further damage during the inspection process and a bird’s eye view can gather unprecedented levels of detail (including thermal imaging where required).

The data collected by Drone Media Imaging can then be transmitted to a loss adjuster at a central location allowing them to process the claim faster without losing valuable time and expense to travel and inspection processes. We can also generate 3D maps to give a complete picture where required, offering complete digital accessibility to all areas without any compromise on safety.

Drones = Efficiency

Recent reports conducted in the USA have suggested that using UAV technology could improve workflow efficiency by 40-50%.  A huge saving and a reduction in insurance claim-pain for all involved that would just as easily apply to the UK’s insurance businesses.

Drone Media Imaging Pre Insurance Surveys

Loss adjustment is not the only area where insurance companies can leverage the befit of using Drone Media Imaging photography and videography services.

Pre Insurance surveys can be carried out, incorporating 2D and 3D mapping alongside thermal imagery to capture and reveal defects that would remain hidden to the even the most experienced inspector. Accurate quotes and risk mitigation measures can then be put in place.

Drone Media Imaging and the UK Network

Our drones are a non-invasive technology solution that can be deployed anywhere in the UK and Ireland using our qualified and legal drone pilots.  It seems only natural that insurance firms will soon start to utilise the time and costs saving power of this to streamline the insurance process for everyone.

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