Drones Discovering Hidden Landscapes

There can’t be anyone in the UK who hasn’t noticed our heatwave unless you’re living in a super air conditioned basement but it’s not just making us all buy barbecue food, the hot dry conditions are actually revealing some secrets that have been hidden and undiscovered in our landscapes.  I’m sure they’ve been visible during similar periods of weather before but we’ve never had the chance to so easily put a camera in the sky.

Normally at this time of year, the fields would be covered in green lush crops and grass but now that this isn’t the case, the imprints of old buildings, settlements and even a world war 2 runway are making themselves visible from the air.  One drone pilot even discovered a hitherto unknown henge which academics have shown a lot of interest in.   Of course once the rains come back, and they surely will, these hidden images will fade away but what a chance to discover a little more about the UK with just the flight of a drone.