Drone Video and Photography in Construction in Sussex Surrey and Kent

The construction industry has been one of the leaders in embracing the advantages UAVs or drones have to offer in assessing risk, reporting to all parties, providing risk free and convenient inspection and also in providing promotional material for the construction firm and the company that will be moving into the finished building.

Building Inspection & Surveys

The fact that a drone can quickly access areas that would otherwise require heavy lifting equipment, scaffolding and platforms and also extensive health and safety assessment means that they are ideally placed to carry out inspection work.  A second monitor can provide real time information to the construction manager or footage / photography can be made available online to a wider audience.  This convenience means that inspections can be carried out more regularly and at all stages of construction – pinpointing possible defects so targeted teams can be deployed to remedy them before work continues too far making later repairs more extensive and causing time delays.

Recorded drone footage can be sent to stakeholders both allowing them the opportunity to assess project progress, as well as providing a record of construction techniques for future maintenance reference.

Health & Safety Inductions

A bird’s eye view of a construction site can be a real asset in carrying health and safety inductions in a timely and efficient fashion.  Visitors to the site and new site operatives can quickly be brought up to speed on the environment, and any hazards to be made aware of.

Thermal Imaging

As well as deploying standard photographic and video cameras to gain an aerial perspective of a site, thermal cameras can also be flown to provide a thermographic image of a site.  This can be very useful in assessing insulation quality, identifying areas of heat loss and water ingress and generally assessing the efficiency of a building during the construction process.

Promotional & Marketing Material

In today’s competitive environment, high quality and easily obtainable marketing material is always going to be an advantage.  From a sky-borne view, a camera can not only show the entirety of a building but also how it fits within it’s site, additional facilities such as parking and other onsite amenities and also how the entire site sits within the surrounding environment.   Regular drone flights provide an excellent way to showcase a construction project from start to finish to both stakeholders and potential clients.