Aerial Property Inspections and Surveys

Drones and the Construction Industry

Despite the fact that drones have a huge amount to offer the construction industry, it’s an area that has been slow to develop. However, the use of UAVs when it comes to all sorts of building projects is finally beginning to increase and construction firms are realising the benefits of having a camera in the sky.

In the USA, where we tend to look for previews of what’s to come to us here across the pond, it’s predicted that a large percentage of drones will employed in the field of construction and this is a sizeable amount when you consider that the overall number of drones forecast to be in the country by 2021 is in excess of seven million.

Commercial roof inspection by droneDrones can offer benefits in

  • Building surveys
  • Inspection & monitoring
  • Thermal imaging to assess insulation efficiency, thermal bridging and water ingress.
  • Architectural design
  • Monitoring safety and security
  • Creation of marketing materials

An airbourne view of the site can offer a brand new perspective on project progress – easily shareable with all interested parties. Powerful cameras can obtain images and video of details to allow for assessment without the erection of costly scaffolding or hire of elevated platforms.  Footage and images can also provide a clear record of each stage of construction to act as a blueprint for future maintenance teams.  There are just so many ways that working with drones in a construction environment can offer new ways of working or most cost effective ways of achieving objectives.

The cost of maintaining a fleet of drones and qualified pilots in house can mean that it is more cost effective to outsource your drone requirements and there are local pilots who will be willing and able to assist you from right within our network.