Amazon’s Announce Newest Home Drone

Amazon new home drone

Amazon’s latest big event has caused quite the storm. They have just announced the release of the Ring Always Home Cam – an autonomous indoor drone camera designed to be an addition to their Ring Home Security Suite.

Although it is a world away from the drones we deploy in our business, it does mark a huge potential use of UAVs into our everyday lives.

It is designed to deploy in cases where a potential break in is suspected when the home is unoccupied. The system owner will be able to view footage lived streamed form the aircraft as it navigates itself around the home (it is currently limited to a single floor). They can then determine if further action needs to be taken. The initial launch will be in the USA and it will be priced at $250.

A whole raft of privacy concerns have been raised regarding the concept of having a mobile camera in your home. There are very justified concerns that Amazon say that they are working hard to address. However, every pioneering tech product raises concerns and issues that are only addressed through development over time utilising both developer and user experience. It is likely that this marks the start of drones being integrated into our daily lives and over time this being done with maximum security levels.

Amazon new ring security drone

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