Our human vision is limited to a very small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum and so we are unable to see thermal energy with the naked eye. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a whole raft of valuable information to be gleaned from being able to create a visual image of infrared radiation.

Everything above absolute zero (that’s -273.15 degrees Celsius, so that’s basically everything that we’re likely to come into contact with) emits infrared radiation and the hotter an item is, the more radiation it is giving out.  These infrared waves aren’t affected by the visible light spectrum and so they can be measured equally well in the daylight or in the dark.

Infrared Thermography is the creation of an image that captures this radiation through the use of specialised cameras and software and translates it into a visual representation of the heat using various colour palettes.   Not only do the colours on the image give you an overview of the areas of temperature relative to each other, but it also offers precise non-contact temperature measurement at any point within the image.

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