Solar panel inspections can be a time intensive exercise when you are using a ground operative to check each panel individually in a solar farm field.

However, when the solar panels are installed on a pitched roof, the problems of checking panel health become compounded.

An operative who is required to check roof mounted panels with a hand held thermal imaging device will need either scaffolding or an elevated platform to gain access to the panels and, as well as occuring additional expense, these still might not be enough to allow access to central panels.  This could mean that these panels cannot be assessed or there will be additional risk to the panels themselves as the operative has to move across them in order to carry out the inspection.

However, add a drone equipped with a state of the art thermal imaging camera and place this drone in the hands of a qualified thermographer, and the process becomes not only faster, but simpler, safer and more cost effective.

Drone Media Imaging were recently engaged to carry out an inspection of a several large solar panel arrays mounted on both sides of four pitched roofs and we were able to capture detailed images from a short series of flights with no disruption to the surrounding businesses.  The resulting report detailed both current faults as well as developing faults so that the panel owners could make the relevant decisions about the maintenance that they required in order to keep their panels working at peak efficiency and maximise their investment.

Just get in touch to discuss your solar panel inspection requirements and find out how drones can make regular, detailed inspection a reality for your business at very cost effective prices.

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