Electrical Plant Generator Infrared Camera Inspection

Electrical Plant Generator Thermal Infrared Inspection
Electrical Generator Thermal Infrared Image

Preventative Non-Destructive Thermal Inspection

Mission-critical electrical generators are required to stay in service 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. So ensuring that issues are determined and discovered early is key. Thermal Imaging facilitates a quick, simple, and cost-effective route to discovering these issues before failures develop and in a safe non-destructive way.

Critical industrial equipment such as electrical generators can not be easily taken offline when maintenance inspections are required, so using technology such as Infrared Thermal Imaging using high caliber commercial thermal cameras to detect issues without the need to take the machinery offline are essential. Thermal imaging cameras can scan equipment from distance, such as from the air with the use of a drone, which means that safety distances are maintained, leaving the plant machinery fully working while being inspected.

Thermal Imaging Inspections are completed while the equipment is running, no need to take mission-critical equipment offline.

Drone Media Imaging can inspect large electrical plant infrastructure both from the sky as well as on the ground, creating thermograms showing many issues that contribute to potential future failures.

Available for period inspections under contract or for one-off inspections as required.

Handheld Thermal Inspection | Drone Thermal Inspections

  • Incorrect Phase Balance

  • Poor Electrical Connections

  • Overheating Bearings

  • Faulty Equipment Performance

  • Inappropriate Load Balancing

  • High resistance in fuses and switchgear

  • Corrosion


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We can provide inspections under regular contract throughout the UK or can complete a one-off simple inspection when requested.

Plant Generator Thermal Image
Thermal Image showing overheating Generator
Thermal Image showing Generator

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