Thermal imaging cameras can turn the infrared radiation reflected off by all objects into a picture which presents this information visually. This can have so many applications.

  • Insulation Inspection
  • Solar Panel Inspection – either domestic or commercial
  • Identifying Heat Loss and Thermal Bridging
  • Roof Inspections
  • HVAC Inspections
  • Search and Rescue
  • Electrical Equipment Assessment

Contrary to many movies, a thermal camera can’t be used to see through walls which means they are of no use in spying on your neighbours (and we only mention this because have been asked for this in the past!).  In fact, a thermal imaging camera captures the heat or infrared signature that is reflected from a surface.

While anyone is capable of taking a picture with an infrared camera, the skill is in doing so under the right conditions in order to obtain an accurate picture and results as desired.

For example, an image designed to assess insulation efficiency must be taken under the right conditions – after dark, with heating inside the building creating a difference in temperature of at least 10°C with dry conditions and low wind.  An image designed to examine a solar panel must be taken when it is operating at its maximum, on a clear day with the sun at its height.  Attempting to capture a thermal image under the wrong conditions can lead to misleading results and potentially unnecessary remedial works.

Drone Media Imaging are qualified thermographers which means that we have undergone the necessary training to understand both the required conditions to capture the image and how to interpret the resulting data to give you a complete and accurate picture.

On top of this, we have invested in the highest specification thermal camera to provide the very best quality in terms of image capture.   We are CAA accredited and fully insured commercial drone pilots to allow us to put our cameras in the sky to carry out inspection work without the necessity or expense of scaffolding or elevated platforms.

Drone Thermography allows use to create an infrared image map of areas of any size – from smaller domestic properties through to solar farms covering acres.

Just contact us to discuss your requirements and we are happy to help with your thermal imaging needs across the UK.