DJI XT Radiometric 640 30hz

Drone Media Imaging are based in Sussex but operate nationwide with our state of the art equipment, including our high end thermal imaging camera  – the ZenMuse which combines the thermal imaging capabilities of FLIR with the gimbal stabilisation of DJI to provide high quality, rapidly deployable aerial thermal images which can be used for many purposes.

The seamless integration between the camera and the drone means that real time configuration and control is possible at the touch of a button from within the drone software, and the camera operates equally well with our Inspire lightweight agile drones as with our heavy lift drone the Matrice with it’s increased stability and longer flight times so we can provide an aerial vehicle for all situations.


Thermal Infrared Surveys
  • Building Diagnostics

  • Roof Inspections

  • Solar Farm Inspection

  • High Voltage Power Line Inspections

  • Agricultural Surveys

  • Landfill Site Inspection

  • Wind Turbine Farm Inspections

  • Insulation Efficiency Surveys

  • Pre-Fault Diagnosis

  • Preventative Maintenance Prediction