Using Drones to Market your Property

In today’s competitive property market, buyers will move more likely to form an opinion of your property online before they decide to see it in real life.  Drone footage and photography can play a key role in presenting your property in the best possible light and attracting buyers and encouraging them to come and find out more for themselves.

Drone footage, or an aerial perspective in general, has the ability to put your property in perspective with the environment around it in a way that ground level images cannot.  For example, it can highlight how your home is nestled within rolling hills, or just a stone’s throw from the coast.  The other thing that it can do is present this in a style that is pleasing to the eye, as you would in cinematography, so the viewer is immediately emotionally engaged with the property, its gardens and surroundings before they even begin to look at the details.

Whether you are using a traditional estate agent, or marketing your house yourself, your drone property video can be displayed across multiple channels such as YouTube and on other websites to get the maximum amount of exposure and a larger audience of your potential buyers.   As drone operators, we will discuss with you before we fly, the areas of your property that you would like to showcase to make sure that there is not a single advantage, benefit or feature that goes unnoticed in your finished video. The idea is that your potential buyer has already fallen in love with all that your property has to offer from the outside before they even set foot inside it.

We are based in Sussex but travel nationally, so just get in touch to find out more about marketing your property with Drone Media Imaging. 


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