Sometimes there can be amazing stories right under your nose and occasionally our work with our drone cameras can bring them to light.  When we were asked to film at Barfoots Farms for the BBC One Show, I’m ashamed to say we had not ever come across them before.  So of course we turned to our friend the internet to let us find out more about the story.

Barefoot Farm Filming for the BBC One Show What we discovered was that there is a chap called Peter Barfoot who has really changed our lives in terms of what we serve up onto our dinner table through his work on his farms across the southeast and a lot of folks have never heard of him. Courgettes and sweetcorn are considered an everyday type of vegetables now but this certainly wasn’t the case until the mid ’70s and Barfoot Farms are the folk that we have to thank for this in large part (as well as for tender stem broccoli, pumpkins, sweet potatoes and a whole lot more). When Brits started to travel abroad and get an appetite for ‘foreign fruits and vegetables’, Peter saw an opportunity to grow and supply this semi-exotic fare here in the UK and so it began, growing to an empire with more than 200 staff today keeping us fed with all the veg that we love.  So there we go, I’ll feel differently about my dinner plate now I know a little more about what it took to get it there.

So I’ll spend the day down at Sefter’s Farm down near Bognor Regis, providing aerial cinematography to complement the finished piece and I can’t wait to find out more about the whole story during filming.

You can learn more about Barfoots Farms on their website here:

Barefoot Farm filming on location for the BBC One Show