OK, this is a different kind of drone than the ones that we fly her at Drone Media Imaging but it’s such an incredible piece of engineering, that we just had to share it here.  This is an edible UAV designed to deliver humanitarian aid in disaster zones by actually being edible itself as well as holding vacuum packed food parcels and medical supplies within its hull.

Designed by Nigel Gifford, who was a logistics expert in the army, it’s structure is currently built from wood harvested from sustainable sources but future developments will include a move to making the structure itself from edible substances.   It will be able to enter areas otherwise inaccessible due to damaged infrastructure and safely deliver aid, hopefully saving lives into the bargain. Predicted accuracy is an incredible seven metres from target so it should be able to get exactly where it is needed.

Gifford’s company, Windhorse Aerospace, are really making a difference by using drone technology to work alongside more traditional methods to revolutionise aid delivery.