What Equipment do you have in your Fleet?

We fly equipment from the industry leaders DJI.

  • DJI Inspire 1 Pro in the sub 7kg category
  • DJI Matrice M600 in the over 7kg category
  • ZenMuse X5 16mp cameras
  • ZenMuse XTR radiometric camera

Are you Licensed and Insured?

Absolutely.  We are licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority and hold all the necessary insurances in order to fly legally within the UK.

How Do the Weather Conditions Affect Flights?

We work with a fleet of drones from DJI that are at the leading edge of the industry which allows us to fly with less weather restrictions than some other drone brands.  However, flights in the rain are not currently possible and even if they were, the rain would affect the camera lens.  It’s a legal requirement for all drone operators to fly their craft within the manufacturer’s guidelines.  Our heavylift drone (the Matrice M600) will fly in wind speeds of up to 20mph.

Can you Fly Indoors?

Yes, although as with all flights, an indoor flight would be subject to a thorough risk assessment.

How Long can you Fly For?

The flight times are limited by the time allowed by the battery packs under the flight weather conditions and the payload that the drone is carrying.  Our DJI Inspire 1 Pros fly for approximately 10 – 12 minutes, where our Matrice M600 with it’s six batteries offers an extended flight time of up to 30 minutes.

What are the Distance Restrictions on Flights?

No drone is allowed to fly over an altitude of 400 ft / 120m to avoid interference with manned aircraft.  A drone must also always be flown within 500ms visual line of sight.  Sub 7kg drones need to stay 50 metres away from people or property not under the operator’s control (30 metres for take off and landing) and this increases to 150 metres (50 metres for take off and landing) for the over 7kg category of craft.

Do you Need Permission to Fly from Certain Areas?

There’s no such thing as public land  in the UK – all land is owned by someone or some organisation so you will always need permission from the landowner for take off and landing.  It’s not actually required to have permission from the landowner to fly over an area but drones carrying a camera are subject to surveillance law and so are forbidden to fly within 50 metres of any person or structure not under the control of the operator.