Drone Thermal Imaging Inspection of Solar Farms in the UK

Solar farms can contain massive banks of panels spread over a wide geographical area so how can you be sure that every panel is performing at maximum efficiency to provide optimum energy capture?

Deployment of ground staff to manually test and inspect each panel is both expensive and time consuming.  Plus a fault could well develop on an already inspected panel by the time it is reach for testing again.

Under-performing or failed cells or panel areas can be expensively. Luckily, thermal imaging when combined with the flexibility and ground coverage of a drone can provide an effective fault detection method.  Developing faults can be accurately identified so that ground staff can carry out diagnostics and repairs with pinpoint accuracy.

  • Scan without downtime in operations

  • Cover large areas quickly

  • The thermal image can highlight anomalies before they become failures

  • Flight grids can be programmed and repeated at regular intervals to ensure the farm remains running at maximum efficiency