Domestic Aerial Photography Portraits Drone Sussex

Drones offer an amazing opportunity to capture a portrait of your home from an aerial perspective without the previously high costs associated with photography from a traditional piloted aircraft.

Domestic house portraits make a wonderful gift, an invaluable tool in selling your home or just a beautiful memento of a place that you care about very much. Drone Media Imaging work to capture both still and video images of your home across Sussex, Surrey and Kent and a house portrait includes 5 high resolution digital images and a short video showcase of your property.  These can offer a unique perspective to prospective buyers or, if you’re planning on staying in your property for a long time to come, a wonderful way of admiring your home and garden from a different angle.

The cost for an aerial home portrait is £75 and we do offer discounts for multiple properties in the same area so you could get in touch with your neighbours and all benefit from great images at a reduced cost.  Gift certificates are also available if you’d like to buy the perfect present for the homeowner who has everything!

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