3D Modelling by Drone
Aerial 3D Modelling by Drone

3D modelling of your commercial property is now an affordable reality thanks to drone technology.

Creating a 3D model is a much simpler process than you might think, given the new available technology and software today. An hour’s flight time from one of our drone operators utilising our state of the art UAV and camera payloads is usually all that is needed to ensure accurate aerial photographs are taken from all angles for the property.

A number of preplanned flight paths will be flown across the property both to gather plan view shots as well as elevation shots to ensure we have the required data to create the model.  One week later, you will be in receipt of all the code and imagery that you need to embed the finished interactive model into your website and social media accounts and to link it to your clients and potential clients to allow them to explore it for themselves.

  • Wedding & Event Venues

  • Property Marketing

  • Architects

  • Construction & Landscape Gardening

  • Estate Managers

  • Commercial Real Estate

  • Holiday Venue Marketing

Our prices include the flights, pre planning and risk assessments as well as the finished process 3D model


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