When is the best time to use a Thermal Infrared camera for conducting roof inspections?

Drone Thermal Imaging and Property Inspections
Roof Aerial Inspections by Drone

UAVs or Drone’s as they are known have the ability to create great aerial photography and videography which has been understood for some times, however, were you aware that they can also be fitted with thermal infrared cameras to add a whole new dimension to property inspections? Thermal imaging cameras provide a non-contact temperature measurement across areas that are hard to access or see from a ground.

The health and safety risks associated with working at height are minimised when using drone technology, as are the risks of causing damage to the structure through the inspection process itself. With UAVs carrying thermal imaging cameras, temperature data is captured in real-time as well as recorded both quickly and accurately with the resulting heat map presented as colour images in both a qualitative and quantitative reporting format.  Image analysis and reporting completed by a thermographer appropriately trained and certified, can identify potential fault areas that would have remained hidden to the human eye until serious damage had occurred.

Key Areas to Use a Thermal Drone

Flat Roof Water Ingress Inspection
  • Inspection are Non-Destructive

  • Domestic Solar Photovoltaic Panel Inspections

  • Commercial Solar Farm Maintenance Inspection

  • Flat Roof Surface Failures

  • Flat Roof Water Ingress and Leaks

  • New Electrical Installations

  • Maintenance of Electrical Installations

  • Building Insulation Performance

  • New Builds Insulation Installtion Faults

  • Underground water Leaks

  • Underground Heating Pipes

  • Landfil Site Underground Fire Detection

In all cases thermal imaging solutions when deployed from a UAV drone, offers a non-destructive, simple, and cost effectively solution to getting infrared analysis from hard to reach and difficult to see places.

Drone Media Imaging use the latest thermal infrared equipment and fully trained and insured thermographers, get in touch to discuss your thermal survey and inspection and we will provide you with a clear no obligation quotation.


Thermal Survey and Inspections

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