Today was a strange day weather wise as you can see from the photos above. We started working with a backdrop of sparkling blue skies and ended with a vista of dark clouds.  In fact, as drones are so weather sensitive, we have excellent weather forecasting information that we can draw on and we knew that we would only have a short weather window in which to capture our photos and videos today.

We were working for Digital Realty who develop technical real estate around the UK and indeed the world and who are currently redeveloping a site that is local to us in Crawley West Sussex.  This was our second visit to the site to capture photography and video footage to provide both marketing material and also progress reporting in just a few simple flights.  Flying so close to Gatwick does mean that we need to obtain special permissions to use our full drone fleet but luckily we have excellent contacts and a lot of experience in making sure all our paperwork is completed and filed in plenty of time to avoid any delays.  Ironically it wasn’t our proximity to Gatwick that caused us problems today but a gang of curious seagulls swooping in to take a closer look at our ‘birds’ but eventually they got onto to different pursuits and forgot about us, leaving us to complete our work in peace!