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A bird’s eye view of a construction site or project can be a huge advantage at all stages of development, from before construction begins to surveying the finished product and how it sits within its environment.  Drones offer a fast and easy way to accomplish this with minimal interruption on site and at a fraction of the cost of traditional piloted aerial methods.

From survey the land at the start of the project, drone photography and videography can provide huge benefits to all parties.  Their ability to gather accurate measurements, thermal readings and even to create 3D models can prove vital in highlighting problems and opportunities at the planning stage and prevent problems during the project.   The construction industry is in fact forecast to be the biggest user of commercial drones for exactly these reasons (and more).

The relatively low cost of a drone flight means that regular surveys are a small part of the overall budget that can offer huge benefits and savings in terms of surveying progress and spotting potential problems. Progress against targets can be quickly and easily assessed with timelines, logistics and workforce being scaled as required.  This kind of accurate progress analysis can save a great deal in terms of personnel costs and plant / equipment hire  – allowing a ‘just in time’ method to be utilised.

The aerial perspective can also be key to spotting potential health and safety issues and hazards along with areas that may be vulnerable to theft and vandalism.  Saved images and footage can also provide a valuable record of the project as a whole and reduce the risk of legal challenges

The images are also an excellent way to keep project staff and clients informed of progress in detail and at regular intervals.  In addition to this, the smooth running of a construction project can be visually recorded and prove a valuable marketing tool during dealings with potential clients.

How Drones Can Help with Construction Project Management

  • During the pre-planning and bidding process to provide accurate information, allow the creation of detailed modelling and early highlighting of potential problems so that the construction project process can be adjusted to save money in the long term.

  • The design process can only be aided by accurate information and the drone’s ability to provide complete area topographical mapping can form the basis of computer designs that can be reworked as various versions until the perfect solutions have been found.

  • The construction process can benefit in so many ways from regularly update imaging in terms of tracking progress, keeping clients informed, managing materials, equipment and plant hire and in keeping the site safe.  The images also offer an audit trail in case of problems and a very visual aid to demonstrate your project management capabilities to potential clients in the future.

  • The benefits of drone imaging don’t stop once a project is completed as images and footage can provide an asset in the area of handover and maintenance.