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CAA Operational Authorisations, General Visual Line of Sight and A2 Certificate of Competency now added to our certification

~ OSC ~ GVC ~ OA ~ A2CofC ~ Thermography Level 2 ~

We have used our down time during the COVID pandemic to focus on learning new things and becoming further accredited in the operation of UAV drones. Firstly, early in the lockdown period, we focused on enhancing our current standard flight permissions by adding an Operating Safety Case (OSC) to allow us increased permission to fly closer to uninvolved people and property, and at higher altitudes than standard UAV operators. This was a 6-month exercise in procedure analysis, risk mitigation and safety practice, and puts us in a small unique category that will provide our customers with better and more advanced services.

Then we built on our current thermography qualification to become certified level 2 thermographers, bringing enhanced understanding and thermographic services to drone flights and aerial inspections using infrared camera technology.

Now we have recently completed training and obtained our General Visual Line of Sight certifications (GVC) and our specific category A2 certificate of Competency (A2 CofC) to ensure that our business and services are at the latest standards set by the CAA following the legal changes that were introduced in 2021.

Finally we have just reviewed our PFCO permission with the CAA to the new Operational Authorisation or “OA” for another year.

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We are certified and approved drone pilots, with enhanced permissions and work throughout the UK and Ireland to provide both aerial and ground based photography, video and thermographic services