If you live in the UK, then it won’t be news to you that the weather can be a little unpredictable here – especially over the forthcoming season of winter.  A year doesn’t go by without there being reports of storms and the damage that they cause appearing regularly in the media.

Still, the traditional methods of roof inspection can be expensive and invasive which means that homeowners can often put it off and just deal with problems as they arise.  Unfortunately, by the time an issue becomes apparent, it has often caused far more damage to the exterior and the interior of a property.  A saving is there to be made if the problem areas had been identified and fixed early on – a stitch in time, saves nine!

A short series of drone flights can be all that is required for you to take a detailed look at your roof in both photographic and video format.  You can easily identify areas of concern such as chimney damage, loose flashing, missing or loose tiles and even blocked or leaking gutters. You can provide this information to a repair contractor at the quotation stage to enable them to give you an accurate quote for targeted repair.

At Drone Media Imaging, we can also deploy our state of the art thermal imaging camera to allow you to assess the efficiency of your insulation as well as identify areas of heat loss and thermal bridges and potential damage caused by water ingress.

Just get in touch if you’d like to arrange a cost-effective roof inspection this autumn – relax over winter knowing that you are in great shape to take the worst that the weather can throw at you.