No Transmission Error on DJI Matrice M600

Thought I would share a post on solving the problem I have just had with the DJI Matrice M600 and the total loss of Video Transmission as I couldn’t find any reference to it on the internet. Full credit goes to Keven at Heliguy, who was the star in solving this very quickly today for me.

So came to checkout my Matrice M600 today for filming gig tomorrow and found that there was no video signal and the error in red at the top of my iPad DJI APP stating Error No Transmission. Everything else was fine, RC connected, the gimbal was controllable from the iPad screen Go App, but no video.

The problem was that some point I must have changed the settings in the HD options screen and turned off “Enable EXT Port”. As I am using the zenmuse x5 this setting needs to be set to Enabled and then the drop down box under that set to”Ext” NOT “LB” (Lightbridge) as you would think. Once the settings were change back correctly all was good.

So just a quick heads up if you are using the Zenmuse X5 payload and lose your transmission signal, check in the HD settings first to ensure the EXT is enabled.