drone aerial photography at the ravenswood hotel wedding venue sussex

Ravenswood Hotel is a wedding and event venue that has been undergoing big changes in the last few months.  Having been run by the same gentleman for more than 30 years, he decided that it was time for him to move on to pastures new and sell the hotel.

While he would rather have sold it as a hotel and venue, it looked for a while that it would be converted into residential units. That was until Samantha Wordie and her business partner Stuart Guy stumbled upon the fact that it was for sale and that it fit the bill for a long standing ambition they had to purchase and run a wedding venue and for them the decision was made and just a few days later, they had the keys to the front door. Since then, they have been hard at work upgrading the building and gardens and starting to rebuild it as a wedding and event venue.

So we were delighted to have the opportunity to fly there recently and capture the grounds and building both for aerial photography and to showcase our 3d modelling – a very exciting option for wedding and event venues everywhere as it lets potential clients take a 3d tour of your building and grounds before they come and visit you.  It encourages them to fully engage with everything you have to offer whilst they’re making their selection of the venues that they are going to tour in person and it can give you quite the advantage to have them already involved and familiar with your venue before they arrive.  This type of modelling can also be an excellent addition to your home selling toolkit for the same reason – potential buyers are likely to look at a large number of properties online before choosing which ones to follow up with and you want yours to be at the forefront of their mind when they are making their decisions.

The Ravenswood Hotel is a truly lovely venue but it has been rather overlooked in years gone by.  It’s ideally suited to being photographed from the air as it gives the viewer the chance to tour all the lovely tucked away areas of the grounds that they might otherwise miss – in fact, there were a few really beautiful little spots that we didn’t know that were there until we flew over them!  It’s great to see it being given the chance to fulfil its potential and so watch this space to see the footage and 3D model when they are ready.