Drone Media Imaging were delighted to be asked to capture aerial footage of the very beautiful events venue at Great Tangley Manor in Wonersh, Surrey.  Catering for everything from relaxed yoga retreats, to weddings and corporate events, Great Tangley Manor is a moated property dating back to the 11th century – steeped in history and surrounded by beautiful gardens with many lovely landscaped features.

It was a beautiful day with plenty of blue sky and we spent some time capturing both still photographic images and video footage of both the house and gardens.  The aerial perspective is just perfect for this large venue with sweeping gardens as it really allows the viewer to explore in a way just not possible on foot. With a drone, we can cover the entirety of the property to really give the viewer an overview of it as a whole, perfect when your setting is a beautiful as Great Tangley Manor’s.  Prior to the advent of drone technology, a camera in the sky would have only been possible with traditional piloted craft which would obviously mean that the attendant costs put this out of reach of all but the largest of venues.  However, drone flights are so economical that anyone can now commission a pilot to create a beautiful aerial showcase for them.  The resulting videos and still images can be used as a powerful marketing tool for potential clients when selecting a venue for their wedding or special event, allowing them to take a virtual tour from wherever they are in the country or indeed world.

Contact Drone Media Imaging to talk about creating a showcase for your wedding or event venue.   Based in Sussex but working across the UK, we are of course fully insured and licenced by the CAA and offer a full range of photographic and videography services to create a portrait of your property.

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