An Independent Feature Film ‘by Eugene O’Neill’s – THE FIRST MAN’.

Drone Media Imaging will be filming the Drone Aerial Cinematography for the film

The story of The First Man is set in 1920s America, where an anthropologist Curt prepares to travel to Africa to search for the ‘The First Man’ of humankind. His relationship with his wife Martha is tested to the core, when Curt’s family suspect Martha of improper affection for Bigelow, a friend of Curt’s. In the stifling atmosphere of small town America, rumor threatens to destroy their marriage. Curt’s inner masculinity grows to overwhelm him and leads toward his own self-destruction.

We have booked the original West End cast, who first performed the play in October 2015. Nearly a year later they are set to reprise their roles as we shoot our film in autumn 2016. Our Director, Hardeep Giani is an award-winning director, and has over 16 years’ experience working in television. The technical crews are all professionals from film and television.

The film is set in the 1920s and will be shot in a great country estate in East Sussex. Filming is to commence in September 2016, with a planned release in summer 2017.

Adam Jackson-Smith as Curt
Charlotte Asprey as Martha

Haremere Hall, Etchingham, East Sussex, TN19 7QJ