Drone Inspections for Storm Damage to Roofs Sussex Surrey Kent

Well it’s no secret that the UK weather can be unpredictable and, although we suffer less here in Sussex, Surrey and Kent than the more Northern areas, there have been some pretty strong storms recently that have caused a fair amount of property damage.

When it comes to assessing this damage and working out the cost of repairs, rooftops can be one of the hardest areas to inspect but of course this is one of the most likely areas where damage can occur.  It’s also vital to get a prompt inspection so that external repairs can be carried out before internal damage is caused the repair bill rises.  One way  of obtaining an accurate image of hard to reach rooftop areas is to employ drone technology to take detailed photos and even video where required – this can then be presented to your contractor both reducing inspection cost and the time required before your repairs can be initiated.  This is particularly useful if the inspection is to an area that has been made unsafe by the damage.

UAV Roof Inspections

Using one of our state of the art drone fleet, we are able to view rooftops from multiple angles obtaining access to areas that would otherwise be difficult, dangerous or expensive to inspect.  As well as taking photographs and video for later viewing, we are able to offer a second monitor to the property owner or contractor so that they can direct the flight to obtain exactly the views that they need.

Roofs are quite often not designed to be walked on which means that further damage can be caused during the inspection process.  A drone inspection eliminates this is as an issue as well as the need to set up heavy equipment, cherry pickers or even scaffolding (and the attendant costs).  It also removes the risk to personal health and safety which is even more important when you know that falling from height being one of the major causes of workplace injuries.

The speed and manoeuverability  of the drone means that large areas can be mapped and presented as a single image if required at high resolution to allow detailed viewing on your PC.    This detailed view means that minor defects and damage can be noticed and rectified before they develop into larger problems.

Ordering a Roof Inspection with Drone Media Imaging in Sussex, Surrey and Kent

We are fully licensed and insured as well as trained to the highest standards and we pride ourselves on offering the highest levels of service to our clients.  We include full desk research before providing accurate and detailed quotations so that you will always understand the costs involved with your flights before we begin allowing to set and keep to your budget.

So if you’ve been unlucky enough to suffer property damage during the recent stormy weather, then book Drone Media Imaging to carry out a detailed inspection so you can minimise the repair bills and inconvenience to your home life or business.