STA - Solar Trade Association - A UK body working to promote the benefits of solar energy and make it easy for both domestic and business customers to adopt.

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ZNE - Zero Net Energy - when a building or structure generates as much energy as it consumes usually through a combination of renewable energy techniques including solar power.

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Solar Tracker

Solar Tracker - mounting hardware used in power plant installations that allow movement in the solar panels so they can follow the sun during the day and maximise output.

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Solar Tiles / Shingles

Solar Tiles / Shingles. Thin film like PV strips that can be directly applied to the roofing under felt just like regular tiles / shingles. They are less efficient than solar panels and degrade over time but they are cheaper and more versatile.

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Solar Canopies

Solar Canopies. Solar arrays that are mounted on the ground but at a height that allows the ground beneath to still be used - for car parking for example.

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RE Renewable Energy - Energy generated from renewable sources such as solar, wind and tidal power.

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Solar Inverter

Solar Inverter. Takes the Direct Current (DC) by a solar panel or array and converts it to Alternating Current (AC) that can be used by homes and businesses.

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Standard Scenario. Standard scenarios are meant to simplify the activities required to the UAS operators. They are defined types of UAS operation in the ‘specific’ category, for which mitigation measures have been determined after a risk assessment is carried out by EASA or by the competent authority

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