Drone Cameras and Real Time Loss Adjuster Inspections

Drone Media Imaging are thrilled to be part of an upcoming project that, we believe, can revolutionise the way that loss adjusters carry out their inspections, especially in the areas of property.

We are currently still in the final testing stages but essentially, this project will enable a local drone operator to be deployed to a site that requires inspection, and communicate from there with the loss adjuster assigned by the insurance company.  The loss adjuster will then be able to command the drone operator to capture the video and stills that they require with this data being transmitted directly to them in real time to assess the situation without having to schedule a site visit themselves.  It will also provide them with easy access to roof tops that would have previously required health and safety assessment, ladders at best and scaffolding at worst – saving the insurance company time and money, and allowing faster claim resolution.

As we say, it’s early days but the initial testing is going very well and we’re hopefully that this nationwide scheme will soon be operational and helping to resolve delays and insurance headaches across the UK.

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